Quickly create thousands of gallons of safe water.

In natural disasters and emergency situations, access to drinking water, disinfectant and sanitation is critical to survival. That’s why WaterStep built the Water On Wheels Cart—also known as the WOW Cart—to rapidly provide large groups of people with the resources they desperately need.

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Traditional Options Come with Unwanted Consequences

Whether it’s a natural disaster, power outage or disease outbreak, the loss of safe water and disinfectant is detrimental to health and safety. And the typical responses include sending heavy crates of bottled water—which is very expensive to ship and leaves tons of plastic waste behind—or using semi-trucks carrying reverse osmosis water treatment technology.

While effective for creating safe water, these large trucks require time to deploy, experts to operate, large amounts of electrical power and, depending on the type of disaster, the ability to navigate around debris and damage to reach the affected area.

After years supplying safe water and sanitation to international disaster areas, WaterStep recognized the need for a third solution that can quickly and easily provide safe water and disinfectant for those in need.

  • 784,000,000+

    People worldwide lack access to safe, clean water.

  • 3,400,000+

    People die every year from water-related diseases.

  • 80%

    Of all diseases are caused by contaminated water.

The WOW Cart is a Simple Solution with Impressive Results

This small, portable, mini-water treatment system can begin making a positive impact in a matter of minutes.

W.O.W. Cart in action
WOW Cart in action at EPA Water Security Test Bed
  • ChlorineGenerator™ Icon

    ChlorineGenerator™ Provides 38,000 Liters of Safe Water Daily

    Using salt and a 12-volt car battery or solar panel, this flexible system provides a continuous supply of clean water, improves hygiene and helps eradicate waterborne illnesses.

  • Bleach Maker Icon

    BleachMaker™ Produces a Gallon of Disinfectant Every Hour

    Chlorine bleach is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended disinfectant to stop the spread of infectious disease, disinfect medical settings and sanitize cooking equipment and clothing.

  • Ease of Use Icon

    Components Require No Technical Knowledge to Operate

    After a short training session, virtually anyone will be able to produce large amounts of safe water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing and more in just minutes.

  • Mobile Design Icon

    Mobile Design Makes Transportation and Storage Simple

    Compact, self-contained cart can be loaded into the back of a pick-up truck and easily implemented on-site in a disaster situation to treat contaminated water and produce disinfectant.

  • 2013 Denmark’s Sustainia Award for Top 100 Global Solutions to Impact the World

  • 2016 Environmental Protection Product of the Year

  • 2018 Federal Labs Consortium CRADA Success Award w/ the U.S. EPA Office of R&D

  • 2020 Teddy Roosevelt Government Leadership Award

Where the WOW Cart Can Help

Emergency Response to Natural Disasters

WOW Carts are ideal for places that face frequent emergency situations, or are likely to experience a significant life-threatening event in the future.

Preparation for Extended Loss of Power

A WOW Cart can be placed in nursing homes, prisons, hospitals or anywhere that may need to treat their own water for drinking and sanitary purposes.

Peace of Mind for Community Leaders

A WOW Cart is a smart investment for any city or town that may need to quickly deploy a solution to provide clean, safe water for their citizens.

Everything Needed to Begin Saving Lives Immediately

The WOW Cart combines the latest technology, convenient features and other useful components to create a self-contained mobile disaster response system.

  1. Disc Filter Canisters
  2. Dual Fuel Generator
  3. M-100 Chlorine Generator
  4. Accessory Ports/UV/Specialty Filters
  5. BleachMakers
  6. Communication Charging Ports
  7. Solar & 12v Battery
  8. 3/4-1HP Jet Pump
  9. Patented Distribution Manifold
  10. Encased Steel Tubular Frame
  11. Media Filter Canisters (like Carbon or other)

Not shown in use: 1,250 Gallon Bladder Tanks

Building on a Long Legacy of Providing Relief

Since 1995, WaterStep has trained people in developing countries to utilize water chlorination, bleach making, health education and well repair to empower their communities and encourage self-reliance for their own safe water, disinfectant and health needs. Learn more about the WaterStep mission and see the latest ways the company is saving lives with safe water.

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